Friday, August 13, 2010

This week LifeBridge Health & Fitness donated 20,000 pounds of weight plates, dumbbells, pre-set dumbbells and adjustable benches to the Baltimore County Police SWAT team.

"They will be utilizing the equipment to enhance their training in order to be able to have more explosive strength for raids and subduing criminals," says Michael Kelly, MS, C-NMT, CSCS, CCS, Fitness Manager at LifeBridge Health & Fitness. "We were glad to give this equipment to people who are on the front lines of fighting crime."

The estimated value of the donated items was $20,700. LifeBridge Health & Fitness is in the process of installing new weight training equipment for members. Training with weights increases muscle strength in specific areas, plus can help with balance and increasing endurance.

To learn more about LifeBridge Health & Fitness, call 410-484-6800.

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