Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Finding New Outlets for Training

Editor's Note: We've asked two former LifeBridge Health orthopedic patients to do the Save-A-Limb ride in October. As they train, they'll be sharing their experiences here on the LifeBridge Health blog. Today we hear from rider Randy Reisfeld.

So, much has gone on since my last blog, but unfortunately not in the area of progressing my training! After really finding that I enjoyed the spin class, and was increasing my endurance, I was told that this type of exercise was not helping, and probably contributing to my increase in migraines. Besides an increase in my migraines, and an increase in their intensity (I was back to daily headaches), I also began to have bouts of vertigo.

None of this is good when you are planning on riding a bicycle.

So I needed to redirect my efforts in exercise. I have been able to do some swimming off and on over the past month, but have tried to give my body a rest. I have been focusing on trying to resolve the headache situation with weekly acupuncture, and had a couple of massages focusing on my head, neck and shoulders.

I am still hoping to participate in Save-A-Limb, but I don’t think I’ll be able to do one of the long ones.

I am trying not to look at this as another failure of trying to “get in shape. I accomplished something new and I feel good that I was actually able to do a more intensive exercise than I thought I could. I even enjoyed it! However, I know that it’s more important for me at this time to focus on getting these migraines under control, as it does influence how I am able to function on a day-to-day basis.
-Randy Reisfeld

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