Thursday, August 5, 2010

Levindale Doubles Capacity for Behavioral Health Unit

Recently Levindale officially opened its expanded Behavioral Health Unit. Doubling its capacity from 20 to 40 beds, the unit provides comprehensive care for geriatric patients who have both medical and behavioral health challenges that require 24-hour supervision.

Patients in Levindale’s Behavioral Health Unit are taught skills to help them lead productive, satisfying lives through group and individual sessions with Levindale’s highly trained, compassionate staff members.

“Our number one priority is to provide the tools to improve the quality of life of our patients through treatment, knowledge and education, not only for them but for their families and their other health care providers,” says Aric Spitulnik, president and COO of Levindale, pictured above with vice president Susan Levy, vice president Cathy Gallo, clinical leader Leslie Peddicord, R.N., and director of nursing hospital services Dean A. Smith. “We hope to prevent the need for them to be hospitalized again.”

Levindale’s team of professionals works together to come up with individual plans to treat the entire person. As an example, as people age, they may develop diabetes or a heart condition, which could make them feel physically weak. Those changes could cause emotional instability or depression.

“To help them on the road to recovery, every patient sees a psychiatrist daily. In addition, he or she may attend group therapy and rehabilitation sessions, if indicated,” Peddicord says.

Rehabilitation can consist of physical, occupational, speech and recreation therapies, depending on the patient’s needs. All of Levindale’s programs are offered in structured, safe, stimulating and nurturing environments so that participants can remember what it’s like to be a vital part of the community.

For more information, call 410-601-2289.

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