Monday, August 2, 2010

Checking In With Our Save-A-Limb Riders

Editor's Note: We've asked two former LifeBridge Health orthopedic patients to do the Save-A-Limb ride in October. As they train, they'll be sharing their experiences here on the LifeBridge Health blog. Today, here about the first month of training from rider Randy Reisfeld!

Week 1: Well, my first spin class over with, and I survived! But wow…..I was really nervous the whole day in anticipation of the class. I’m usually not like that, but I guess it was the unfamiliarity of the equipment, and not knowing what to expect when I got there. It was 45 minutes of grueling riding, up and down in the seat, but my goal was to keep pedaling for the whole time, and I did it!. Even wearing padded bike shorts, the worst part was the soreness of sitting on the seat. They tell me that in about 2 weeks, it won’t be so bad. I guess I’ll find that out. Just proud of myself that I made it through the first class.

Week 2: As I continue to progress with my spin class, I am finding that I enjoy it, much to my surprise. It is a difficult work-out, but the nice part about it is that you can modify it to you’re abilities. My goal each class is to try to continue to increase the resistance and stay with the class through the whole 45 minutes or hour class. I even purchased spin shoes, 2 pairs of padded bike shorts, and just recently bought a padded seat cover that I can also use on my bicycle. Haven’t tried out the padded seat yet…..planning on that at tonight’s class.

Week 3: This week was not a good week for working out. Wasn’t feeling well, so I missed the whole week of spin class, though I got back in the saddle over the weekend. Tried out the padded seat cover, but didn’t like it, as I kept slipping off the seat. Was drained from the class Saturday morning, a combination of not feeling well over the week, and a week of missed classes. Got home, and didn’t move from the sofa for two hours!! Feeling much better now, so I will continue with my three times per week spinning. I’ve also been swimming, which I’ve been alternating with the cycling classes, and I’m feeling more in shape, though the pounds aren’t changing. But I will persevere!!

Week 4: Much better performance last night at class. Had a lot of energy, and was able to increase the resistance and push myself through the whole class. The time went much faster, and I wasn’t going to collapse, like I felt last week. Oh yeah, and my butt didn’t hurt at all!! My goal for the remainder of this week, besides a couple more spin classes, is to get out on my own bike, hopefully this weekend, and see how I feel doing the real thing.

There are 11 weeks to go till the ride!! I can do it!!!
-Randy Reisfeld

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