Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Spinal Stenosis Treatment Offers Hope

Spinal stenosis is caused by narrowing in your spine that can put pressure on the spinal cord or nerves. Symptoms include cramping, pain or numbness in your legs, back, neck, shoulders or arms, and a a loss of sensation in your extremities. It is most common in people over age 50.

The Sandra and Malcolm Berman Brain & Spine Institute is proud to offer treatment options for those with spinal stenosis. John Brunson, M.D., a neurointerventional radiologist at Sinai Hospital, recently performed a minimally invasive lumbar decompression (MILD) on a patient with central canal lumbar spinal stenosis. Severe lumbar spinal stenosis, which occurs in the lower back, can be crippling, and there are 1.5 million patients who are newly diagnosed each year

The MILD procedure involves a physician making a small incision and remove targeted portions of the bone. This minimally invasive procedure is an effective alternative to open surgical treatment, especially for elderly patients who may not otherwise be candidates for surgery. MILD has potentially fewer complications and a shorter recovery period. Dr. Brunson is one of only five local physicians performing the MILD procedure.

For more information about Dr. Brunson or the Sandra and Malcolm Berman Brain & Spine Institute, call 410-601-WELL (9355).

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