Thursday, June 11, 2009

Krieger Eye Institute Hosts Diabetic Eye Screening

by Don Abrams, M.D.

The Krieger Eye Institute of Sinai Hospital sponsored a Diabetic Eye Screening at the institute's Quarry Lake location last night. The event, which was promoted on WJZ-TV, resulted in 41 people, all with diabetes, attending the screening.

The screening was set up to determine if any of the individuals had diabetic eye changes and needed therapy. Many of the participants had not eye care for many years, and in many cases had never had seen an ophthalmologist, despite carrying the diagnosis of diabetes.

Several of the patients had diabetic retinopathy, and many had not received treatment for the condition. Several patients also were diagnosed with cataracts, and a couple were diagnosed with uncontrolled glaucoma.

All participants were encouraged and educated about seeing their eye care professionals annually. Those that needed more immediate treatment were counseled to see their own ophthalmologists as soon as possible, or were scheduled to see some of the doctors of the Krieger Eye Institute.

Five Krieger Eye Institute ophthalmic technicians, seven Krieger Eye Institute faculty members, resident physicians, and members of the Marketing Department participated in the event.

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