Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Levindale Hosts Wii Bowling Tournament

by Helene King

The phrase, “life in the fast lane,” took on new meaning at Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital recently.

That’s because the winner of the first annual Wii Kibbutz Bowling Tournament, from Meisel One unit, rolled over the competition - literally. The championship team was named “Wii Bowl You Over.”

As part of National Nursing Home Week, more than 100 Levindale residents, patients and staff dressed in team T-shirts and headed to the Schwaber Multi-Purpose Room for a morning elimination round. Pictured above right is Levindale Rehab Tech Kearney Jones cheering on her team.

Competition was fierce, as each team bowled three games. Players were striking quickly, and no one was spared in the rivalries. When all of the pins were tallied, only the four teams with the highest single game scores moved to the finals.

As players from "Wii Bowl You Over", "Golden Rollers" (from Hall One), "Golden Hills High Rollers" (from Hall Two) and "Bumble Bees" (from Burk Two) readied for the afternoon finals, the multipurpose room filled with fans from other teams, family members and more staff. The excitement was palpable.

Although it was a well-matched tournament, in the end, the Meisel One team took top honors. For its victory, members received a certificate to hang on the unit.

“Everyone was a winner who participated in and helped with the tournament,” says John Ottena, manager of Levindale’s Therapeutic Recreation department. “Healthy competition and teamwork always boosts the spirits of everyone at Levindale. You can bet everyone is already practicing for next year’s contest.”

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