Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Latest Research Indicates Gastric Bypass Most Effective Weight Loss Surgery

Two recent studies have been released that indicate the gastric bypass procedure is a more effective weight loss surgery option as compared to other weight loss surgery procedures. More information on the studies can be found here.

Christina Li, M.D, FACS, and Division Head of Bariatric and Minimally Invasive Surgery at Sinai Hospital, says she concurs with the study results.

"The gastric bypass is generally considered to be the gold standard for weight loss surgery, against which other weight loss surgeries are compared," she said. "It is known that gastric bypass is an excellent metabolic as well as weight loss surgery, making it a powerful tool in combating diabetes; in fact, it is the best known surgical treatment for diabetes and one that has been proposed (but not yet approved) as a surgery for poorly controlled diabetics, regardless of the patient's weight."

Dr. Li says she sees improvements in patients' sugar levels within 24 to 36 hours following surgery, and usually makes changes in patients' medication regimens prior to discharge from the hospital.

"In addition, gastric bypass surgery can be done safely and laparoscopically, allowing patients to be discharged after staying only one to two days in the hospital," she says. "I would also agree with Dr. Khalili's assessment that it is difficult to compare the adjustable gastric band data to the gastric bypass data after only one year. It does take patients longer to lose weight with the gastric band - 3 years or more - but this is usually known to and accepted by patients prior to the device being implanted. It is also known that the gastric band can help to improve diabetes, but this is mainly due to the weight loss that people experience rather than a direct metabolic effect as seen with the gastric bypass."

Dr. Li says each of the surgeries mentioned - gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, and gastric banding - "appeal to each individual for different reasons, and people may have different comfort levels with each of the surgeries."

"Most importantly, potential patients really need to learn about the surgeries via the internet and at informational seminars, such as the ones we have monthly at Sinai Hospital, and discuss their choices with their physicians. Ultimately, we as bariatric surgeons are here to educate patients and help them to select the best weight loss surgery that will suit their needs, fit with their health and lifestyle, and match their comfort level," Dr. Li says.

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-Betsy Haley

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