Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Celebrate World Water Day Today!

Today is World Water Day, which draws attention to critical water issues around the world. It was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and since then has blossomed into an international day of advocacy and celebration.

Last year the UN dedicated the theme of World Water Day to water quality. This year the theme is “Water for cities: responding to the urban challenge.” This year’s goal is to encourage governments, communities and people around the world to provide urban areas with proper water management systems. The official World Water Day event will be celebrated today in Cape Town, South Africa.

Do you want to learn more about this March 22 event? Here are a few videos created by international non-profit organizations that address World Water Day:

Charity: Water

Sri Lanka Red Cross Society


Here are 10 ways that you can celebrate World Water Day:

1. Turn off the faucet when you’re brushing your teeth.
2. Make your own water filter.
3. Calculate your H2O use with the EPA Water Savings Calculator.
4. Design a World Water Day poster and hang it up in your office.
5. Instead of taking a bath take a short shower.
6. Sign the Sierra Club’s Clean Water Pledge.
7. Post social media status updates from oneweekforwater.org.
8. Fix leaky faucets and toilets in your home.
9. Turn off water when you’re washing dishes.
10. Read the book The Secret of Water by Masaru Emoto.

-Trish Smith

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