Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Freedom to Have a Healthier Life

by Jason Bosley-Smith, CSCS Lead Lifestyle Coach, Live Well @ LifeBridge

The 2011 LiveWell@LifeBridge Program is underway! This year, we’re offering even more opportunities for employees to improve their health & well-being.

What is the focus of our LiveWell@LifeBridge wellness program? Capitalizing on 2010, LiveWell@LifeBridge for 2011 will focus on engagement in the wellness program to promote awareness about one's own health, participate in activities, and to drive compliance with preventative screenings like physicals, mammograms, colonoscopies, etc. There will be numerous ways to engage this year through on-line and on-site programs, opportunities to participate in community events, and self-help opportunities like eating better in our system-wide cafeterias. A point system will be introduced this month with the goal of each member of our team reaching 400 points by August 31, 2011. Those employees that meet this goal of 400 points will benefit from lower health insurance costs going into 2012.

How will the LiveWell@LifeBridge wellness program help employees? The goal of the wellness program is to help improve health and well-being. It has been implemented to support action and provide tips and strategies to get us on a path to healthier lifestyles. Employees will save money by participating in the wellness initiatives that commence now through August 31, 2011. There are a number of requirements and options to reach a total of 400 points which once completed, will allow you to keep your premiums for 2012 plan year at 80 percent subsidy from LifeBridge Health. Those employees who do not wish to participate will pay a higher premium in 2012.

For employees: To receive the LiveWell@LifeBridge premium participation rate, you must reach the goal of 400 points as specified on the program outline sheets. Remember, LifeBridge Health has absolutely no access to personal health information in accordance to Federal HIPAA law. All information is managed by third-party wellness partner, Innovative Wellness Solutions (IWS). A detailed explanation of the criteria is located on the 2011 LiveWell@LifeBridge program outline sheet.

For questions regarding the program, please feel free to contact either me, Jason.bosleysmith (at) or Amy.price (at)

We look forward to providing you with the freedom to have a healthier life!

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