Thursday, September 30, 2010

Labor Day Contest: Diane Stoler

We're extending our Labor Day contest another month - we want to hear your story about having a child at Sinai Hospital. Remember, the first 25 participants receive a $10 Target gift card and are eligible for the grand prize, a GPS or a gift certificate to About Faces. Here's one story from a mother who herself was born at Sinai.

"My son is now 17 and was born on Feb 25, 1993 at Sinai Hospital. When I was 9 months pregnant with him , my daughter (then 4 years old) was diagnosed with a stage 3 Wilm's tumor. She had her kidney removed on Feb. 6 and started her chemotherapy and radiation shortly after her surgery.
I slept on a chair, while being 9 months pregnant, until I had a C-section with my son Travis on Feb 25. After he was born the Stolers were on three floors of the hospital - Maternity, Pediatrics and the baby ward. It was challenging, but everyone was terrific to us. We were treated like celebrities.
We all came home together on March 1. I am happy to say my daughter Lindsay is 22 now, and cancer free, my son Travis is 17, and I have another son , Garrett, who is 14. Because of this experience I chair the Race for our Kids Family Fun Walk, benefiting Sinai Pediatric Oncology, which just completed its sixth year."
-Diane Stoler

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