Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Into Biking

Getting in shape is like riding a bicycle. No, really, it's like riding a bicycle.

Biking is a low-impact exercise, and it's often good for those whose knees may prevent them from running. Plus, it's a chance to burn calories while seeing the great outdoors - a 150-pound person biking at 13.9 mph can burn 264 calories in 30 minutes.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced bike rider, two events in the fall have a bike ride for you. The first is on Sunday, as One Less Car presents their 17th Annual Tour du Port, where participants travel through Baltimore's historic neighborhoods, waterfront areas and scenic parks. One Less Car is a non-profit organization dedicated to walking, bicycling and mass transit alternatives. Register here.

The next bike event is the Save-A-Limb Bike Ride on Sunday, October 17 at Oregon Ridge Park. Options for riders are either a 60-mile, 30-mile, 15-mile and 6-mile family ride. Proceeds benefit the Save-A-Limb Fund, which assists those with limb or joint deformities. If you don't want to bike but still want to help, volunteers are needed.

You can see more bike events in 2010 in Maryland at the Oxon Hill Bike and Trail Club site here.

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