Friday, December 25, 2009

LifeBridge Health Adopts Families for the Holidays

During this season of giving, LifeBridge Health is doing its part to help families have a happy holiday season.

Sinai Hospital and Northwest Hospital both have "adopt a family" programs, where departments or individuals provide gifts and food to a specific family in need. Participants also wrapped up the presents for the children and adults.

At Sinai, 52 families were adopted this year, with a total number of 187 people helped. There were 42 departments or private adopters who participated.

At Northwest, 23 departments or groups came together to adopt 17 families with 50 children, plus adopting a local homeless shelter.

The Sinai Hospital Employee Activities Committee also sponsored a new glove, hat and scarves drive for its pediatric and adult patients in honor of Sinai Hospital's "50 Acts of Kindness."

Thank you to Robbin Alexander and Erin Johnson in Women and Children's Services at Sinai, Tina Stokes of the Northwest Hospital Domestic Violence (DOVE) program, and the Sinai EAC! Many families and individuals will have a happier holiday and winter season because of you.

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