Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Handle Toys Before Buying

It's understandable if the Internet is your best friend this holiday season. But when it comes to toys for children, looking at at the item in a store may make the most sense.

Sinai Hospital pediatrician Oscar Taube says he encourages parents to try to handle the toy before buying it. One of the reasons is to make sure the parts are too big to be swallowed. Maryland Public Interest Research Group recommends using a toilet paper roll, which is slightly bigger than a child's windpipe, to check if it can be swallowed.

"There really is nothing like taking a toy in your hand," he said at the Maryland PIRG press conference on toy safety. "I do encourage my parents to try not to buy based on a picture, but to handle the toy and make sure it's safe."

You should also notice the noise level of the toy, Dr. Taube says. To hear more tips from Dr. Taube, click on the video below.

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