Friday, February 18, 2011

Baltimore County SWAT Team Puts Donated Equipment to Good Use

Last August, LifeBridge Health & Fitness donated more than 20,000 pounds of weight plates, dumbbells, pre-set dumbbells and adjustable benches to the Baltimore County SWAT team. Just a couple of weeks ago, the team took delivery of another batch of fitness equipment.

The 23-member team has put the equipment to good use, according to SWAT team member, Dan Rose.

“It gets used every day,” said Rose. “Physical fitness is a big part of what we do. Every day we get two hours to work out. Everyone works out at their own level, whatever it takes to stay in shape.”

Rose explained being in top physical condition is paramount due to the sudden and often stressful nature of the job. The SWAT team takes part in 150 or so deployments yearly that can sometimes last up to two days, including hostage situations and high risk warrants. The team even provided security support for President Obama’s recent visit to Baltimore.

Rose expressed his gratitude for the equipment, especially in these times of tight budgets.

“It is fantastic,” he said. “We greatly appreciate the donation.”

To learn more about LifeBridge Health & Fitness, call 410-484-6800.

-Noel Lloyd

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