Monday, November 29, 2010

Card Making for Cancer Survivors

by Jill Adler, M.S., Coordinator , Patient Information Services
Alvin & Lois Lapidus Cancer Institute

Big cards, small cards, card with buttons, cards with stamps, cards with pink ribbons and cards with stickers adorned the Cancer Institute's conference room several weeks ago for one of the monthly Lunch & Learn activities offered to cancer survivors and their family members.

The facilitator, Bunny Kohn, RN, a gregarious patient infusion nurse at the Alvin and Lois Lapidus Cancer Institute, led the class in an inspiring and gracious manner. She offered helpful pointers to help us beautify our cards and would not let us leave until the back of our cards with stamped with "handmade with love."

The story of how Bunny got involved in making cards is a sweet one.

"My card making workshop was created out of a 'giving back' theme when I celebrated a special birthday a few years ago and wanted to make it a special event for others," she says. "Since that time I have open house card making parties with lot's of arts and crafts available and food and fun to give us the creative spirit."

The handmade cards are created by Bunny's friends, family and co-workers and then sent to patients who become hospitalized or go to hospice. Bunny shares that "this is our way of reminding patients that we are thinking of them."

Bunny's recent card making workshop at the Cancer Institute was for patients to create a thank-you card for someone who has helped them through their journey. One of the women in the class made a card for the bus driver who brings her back and forth to treatment. Others made cards for their nurses or spouses or simply for someone that they wanted to acknowledge in a special and colorful way.

Patients were so giddy and enthusiastic Bunny has volunteered to hold the workshop again in the near future. After all, these cards are stamped with love!

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