Tuesday, March 2, 2010

LifeBridge Health Wins Social Responsibility Award

LifeBridge Health has won the 2010 Communitas Award for Green Initiatives, under the category of Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Communitas winners are recognized for specific programs involving volunteerism, philanthropy or ethical, sustainable business practices; and nominees are evaluated based on the extent and effectiveness of their programs. The size and potential scope of the nominee is also taken into consideration.

The green initiatives at LifeBridge Health include waste reduction, composting, non-toxic chemicals, green construction, and the reduction of energy use. By switching to compact fluorescent lighting in operating rooms, cafeterias, and parking garages, LifeBridge Health saved nearly $400,000 in fiscal year 2009. LifeBridge Health is the only Maryland-based health care system on the list of 2010 winners.

The Communitas awards are an outgrowth of the pro bono recognition program of the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, a group that honors creative achievement and fosters partnerships with charities and community organizations.

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