Saturday, March 28, 2009

Don't let "Yucky!" discourage you

Many parents get discouraged when their child exclaims “Yucky, what are those?” at the sight of brussels sprouts or broccoli. But don’t stop trying to feed your kids healthy vegetables and snacks.

The entire world is new to a child, so it can be overwhelming. New food can be uncomfortable, so kids frequently decide they don’t like a new food before they try it. Give children the opportunity to get used to a new food by serving it again and again and by letting him see others eating and enjoying it.

It’s OK if your kids push new foods aside or declare them “yucky”. Be persistent and soon enough, they’ll be begging for their new favorites.

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Anonymous said...

hm this topic is worth discussion I think..

Memories of how my parents and grandparents tried to make me eat some healthy (or so they thought) food bring shivers to my spine.

I think if a kid declares some new food yucky the best way is to encourage him to try it but don't insist if he still refuses to eat it. Then try to fix the same food in a different way like make a salad or 'draw' a smiley face on it or smth like that.. so that it doesn't bring any additional bad associations.

LifeBridge Health Blog said...

I agree. Excellent advice! I will try that approach with my 2-year-old and cauliflower!