Tuesday, March 31, 2009

100 measly calories

Did you know if you consume 100 fewer calories per day you could lose 10 pounds in a year? If you burn another 100 calories every day through exercise, you could lose up to 20 pounds per year.

Megan Larson, RD, LDN, a clinical dietitian with ARAMARK Healthcare at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, offers these simple ideas for cutting 100 calories per day:
  • Put mustard instead of mayo on a sandwich.
  • Try a light or fat-free salad dressing instead of regular.
  • Substitute Canadian bacon for regular bacon.
  • Eat fresh fruit instead of juice or dried fruit.
  • Order thin crust pizza instead of pan pizza.
  • Order your coffee skinny with skim milk instead of cream.
  • Use a smaller bowl for your morning cereal.
  • Drink club soda with lime instead of regular soda.
Burn 100 more calories with these ideas:
  • Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier and go out for a morning walk.
  • Stand up and walk around while on the phone at work.
  • Take your kids out for a bike ride after dinner.
  • Join a tennis league and play several times each week.
  • Go for a 15-minute walk on your lunch break.
  • Get off the subway or bus a stop earlier and walk the extra distance
What are some other ideas you'd recommend for cutting calories without much pain?
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