Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Smoking Increases Risk of High Blood Pressure in Children

There's yet another reason to quit smoking: parents who smoke may be raising their child's blood pressure.

This week in Circulation, Swiss researchers published their results of a study looking at parents who smoked and their preschool-aged children. The researchers found that systolic and diastolic blood pressure were higher in children of smoking parents. Even when they corrected for body mass index, parental hypertension, birth weight and risk factors, they found that parental smoking is a risk factor for high blood pressure.

In other words, if you smoke, you're putting your child at risk for heart disease and other cardiovascular complications. If you can't quit for yourself, quit for him or her.

Luckily, Northwest Hospital is here to help you kick the habit. Up in Smoke is a FREE six-week smoking cessation program. It includes behavioral modification, support, and nicotine replacement. The next session begins on January 20 and is open to LifeBridge Health employees and members of the community. Pre-registration is required. To register, call 410-601-9355.

-Elizabeth Leis-Newman

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