Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sinai President Speaks at CleanMed Conference

LifeBridge Health has several success stories around sustainability and environmental excellence. Even better, we like to share our best practices in the hopes that other hospitals will follow suit in reducing waster and finding innovative energy solutions.

At the CleanMed 2010 conference, held this year at the Baltimore Convention Center, Sinai President Neil Meltzer shared some of our accomplishments.

"To us, sustainability means being a good neighbor," he told the audience at the Hospital Leadership Plenary Panel. The other members of the panel were Barbara Sattler, RN, Ph.D., a University of Maryland Nursing Professor and Director of the Environmental Health Education Center; Knox Singleton, President and CEO, Inova Health System, and Jeffrey Rivest, President and CEO, University of Maryland Medical Center.

"Our waste costs have declined by half while the area of our square feet has increased," Meltzer said. In 2007, the total area was 1,810,906 square feet and the waste costs were $1,269, 158. In 2010, the total area was 2,520,043 square feet while the waste costs were $666,000.

Additionally, by using energy efficient equipment, conserving energy and using alternative and renewable technology when cost-effective, LifeBridge Health saved $825,000 from fiscal year 2010 to fiscal year 2011.

LifeBridge Health Vice President of Capital Improvements and Facilities Peter Arn, along with LifeBridge Health Director of Facilities Lewis Poe and Reduction in Motion President Bill Griffith, will be speaking more about success in waste reduction and energy efficiency at a CleanMed session Thursday called "Cooperation Not Competition: Achieving Success Across LifeBridge Health."

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