Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wellness Program Offered at LifeBridge Health & Fitness

Are you struggling with managing your diabetes, trying to shed weight after having a baby, or regaining your muscle strength?

By joining the Wellness Connection at LifeBridge Health & Fitness, you may find the key to good health. Participants with health issues, including hypertension, obesity, or diabetes, are encouraged to try the 8-week program, which incorporates a weekly session with a personal trainer. The cost is $149, which gives you those sessions and access to the many facilities at LifeBridge Health & Fitness. The program also provides lifestyle education, nutrition guidance, flexibility training and a specialized exercise program.

"After 8 weeks, you can feel some changes," says Donna Bair, Wellness/New Member Integration Team Leader. "But many people with health issues find it less intimidating. It's a good way to start."

Participants need to have their physician's permission to join the program. To learn more, call Donna at 410-318-6802 or click here.

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