Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Baltimore Magazine Names LifeBridge Health a Best Place to Work

The accolades for LifeBridge Health keep on coming. This week it was announced that Baltimore Magazine named us a 2010 Best Place to Work. Companies were chosen after filling out a detailed questionaire, which "sought information on 401(k) programs, health benefits, diversity initiatives, career development offerings, maternity and parental leave, and much more."

In light of also being named Fortune Magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For", we're sharing some of the stories from employees who work at Sinai Hospital, Northwest Hospital, Levindale, Courtland Gardens and our related affiliates. If you work at LifeBridge Health and want to share your story, let us know!

"The reason why I love working at LifeBridge Health/Courtland Gardens is because they specialize in caring, prevention and teamwork. If you look at Lifebridge and Courtland you see that caring for patients is a physical manifestation of a caring attitude and calling. The concept of caring and healing for health professionals is based on morals, philosophical and a scientific framework that Lifebridge Health strongly believes in."

- Tycina R. Richardson, 1 A Geriatric Nursing Assistant, Courtland Gardens

“There is something about Sinai that quickly makes you feel like a member of a family. I came in 1964 intending to stay for a year to brush up on my clerical skills - not having used them for many years. Here I am 45 years later, still in the Food and Nutrition Services and still enjoying being a Sinai employee. There is the feeling that what you do - even if not directly patient connected - helps our patients to have a better experience. Employees reach out to help one another make our work day more pleasant. The hospital gives us two wonderful parties each year (spring and winter), free meals on the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays for those of us who need to be at work, every 5 years there is a wonderful celebration of our service to Sinai and LifeBridge. So yes, it's a great place to work and it's my prayer and hope that I can go on working here for at least a few more years.”

-Bernice Rubinstein, Administrative Assistant, Food and Nutrition Services, Sinai

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