Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sinai Hosts ENA Nurses

Emergency nurses are a vital part of Sinai and Northwest hospitals. They are on the front line when you enter the emergency department, and next week we celebrate them during national Emergency Nurses Week.

The Emergency Nurses Association chose Baltimore as its conference location this year, and is blogging live from their sessions. Sinai Hospital is proud to host close to 50 nurses and ENA leadership tomorrow afternoon. The group will be touring Sinai ER-7 and the units intimately connected to it, such as the Intermediate Care Unit, the operating rooms and Intermediate Care Unit.

"They chose Sinai because it's a unique model in its care center pod design," says Diane Bongiovanni, RN, MA, CNAA, director of patient care services for emergency services at Sinai. "We're very proud and honored. We have a lot of things to show them."

To learn more about Sinai Hospital's ER-7, click here.

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