Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nice Shot!

LifeBridge Health leadership set the tone for this year's flu season yesterday: get your flu shot as soon as possible.

LifeBridge Health CEO Warren Green, Sinai Hospital President Neil Meltzer, Northwest Hospital President Erik Wexler and Levindale and Courtland Gardens President Aric Spitulnick all are pictured here getting their seasonal flu shot, courtesy of Peter Andrews, PA-C, Sinai and Levindale Director of Occupational Health.

This shot was for the "regular" seasonal influenza. LifeBridge Health is doing everything it can to make sure employees are as protected and prepared as possible. All employees are encouraged to get their seasonal flu shot, and receive a free meal ticket as an incentive. The seasonal flu peaks in February.

When the H1N1 vaccination becomes available, and, if there are enough, all LifeBridge Health employees will be offered that shot as well. If there is a shortage, those health care workers directly interacting with patients will be prioritized.

Meanwhile, there are cautionary steps everyone should take: wash your hands frequently; cough in the crook of your elbow; and stay home if you are sick. Stay tuned to learn more about what LifeBridge Health is doing to promote hand washing across Baltimore.

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